What Is 1/3 Poker?

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1/3 Poker is referring to the dollar amount of the blind levels in a cash game. 1 is $1 for the small blind, and 3 is $3 for the big blind, or $1/$3 poker. Most live card rooms have 1/3 poker as their default option, and is usually the lowest stake option to play. It used to be $1/$2 No limit poker but that has changed a lot recently over the last couple of years.

You can find other variants at different poker rooms obviously, like $2/$5 limits, or $5/$10 limits as well.

How to Play 1/3 Poker

1/3 tends to attract the most recreational players because you can usually buy in with a lower amount, like $100–$300. Depending on your table, you might want to lean a little bit more conservative preflop and more aggressive post-flop when you do play pots. This is tight-aggressive and tends to still work well against beginner players.

It can be difficult to thin the field preflop at times when playing 1/3 so consider how much you raise. Most of the time online you will find that people raise 2.2x the big blind or 2.5x the big blind as an average.

However, when you play live 1/3 poker you will find the average raise preflop is anywhere from $10 to $20 right away. And you will sometimes have 5 or 6 people enter the pot. This rarely happens online. This is what makes live poker so much fun, and if you have the patience, it can be lucrative.

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Benefits of Playing 1/3 Poker

1/3 poker is a great way for players to learn the basics of Texas Hold'em without having to risk too much money. The lower buy-in means that the stakes are relatively low, making it ideal for players who are new to the game or who are looking for a more relaxed and casual playing environment.

1/3 poker also allows players to practice their poker skills without having to worry about more experienced players taking advantage of them. Although, you will find some really good players at the $1/3 tables grinding at times.


Overall, the game is a great place to learn without putting too much risk. You can sit down with $100 and get acquainted with the game for a small sum of money. I also find the atmosphere to be more friendly and jovial if you are just looking for a night out to chat with people and have some beers and make some great conversation. I've made some really good friends bonding over a $1/$3 game, and you can even make quite a bit of money playing these limits. I've sat down with $300 and left with $2000 before in one night, and I was pretty happy with that result.

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