Pokercode Review 2022: Best Poker Training Site

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Written by: Matt E.

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I consider myself a very mediocre poker player compared to high-stakes regs, and I have always been a fan of Fedor Holz and his ability to crush NL hold em tournaments. This is the reason why I was excited when Fedor and his team put together their membership site, Pokercode

So, I put Pokercode to the test by purchasing the membership and giving it a try to see if it could improve my MTT (Multi-Table Tournament) game overall. 

Not only that, but I want to see the quality of the videos compared to other poker training membership sites like Run it once or Upswing poker. 

The price of Pokercode seems to change often as there are promotions and new offers regularly. 

The Pokercode team also has a popular YouTube channel where they bring in a group of people to a house and train them up to get better at tourneys. They call it Grindhouse and it’s pretty cool even though it sometimes switches languages. 

One thing I like is that they only charge one price for all-access subscription so you don’t have to pay for extra courses or anything like that. 

Currently, the price is split between a monthly option, which is slightly more expensive than the quarterly option, and the quarterly is more expensive than the yearly option. It depends on if you can afford a lump sum or not. 

I’m going to go with the monthly option, and take the promo pricing which is currently $89/month in Euros (basically the same in USD at this point). 

Some of the things you get when you purchase the Pokercode:

  • 8+ weekly live coaching sessions with Pokercode coaches (this is actually a huge promise and I’m interested to see if they hold up their end of the deal)
  • Exclusive Discord community access 
  • 160+ premium content videos 
  • Unlimited access to the Rangeview study tool
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Confirmation of my payment so you can see that I actually have paid to use this platform for my Pokercode review. 

The first thing you see is a video welcoming you to the platform by the legend himself, Fedor Holz. 

Immediately, I am taken to a questionnaire asking me about my game preference, how invested I am in learning, and how often I play poker. 

After I fill out the survey, it automatically prompts me to sign-up for the discord community, and I really enjoy how easy it’s setup in a step-by-step process without me having to go confirm stuff in my email and leave the current screen. Good UX design. 

So, after connecting my Discord and getting that all set-up, I get access to the main membership area where it shows a variety of calendar events coming up and also another video from Fedor explaining how the platform works. 

I’m going to start with the MTT masterclass, and I’m not going to give away everything I learn so I will see you on the other side after I have given this Pokercode review a fair shake. I will update my progress as well as what I learn the most below.

See you on the other side!

The MTT Masterclass

The first section that caught my interest is the MTT masterclass because it goes through the fundamentals of preflop and postflop strategy and introduces some interesting concepts. Nothing I haven’t heard before but I’m still excited in the way it’s presented. 

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***Brand new poker players might get lost in some of the terminology here. I don’t think this is the place to start if you just want to learn hold em basics and fundamentals in general. 

Fedor introduces ranges, stack sizes, position, GTO, blockers and more in the first couple sections of the MTT Masterclass for Pokercode. I won’t get any more in-depth than that to avoid giving away the course, but it’s off to a basic start, although I’ve already taken away a few nuggets of wisdom that will help me think differently at the tables. 

I also have to mention that after each video there is a quiz, and it’s gamified so that you can level up and get a certain amount of points for answering questions correctly. If you answer wrong, then you will see your potential points go down. 

Normally I hate these types of quizzes during the course, but I generally dislike them because the questions are not well-thought and constructed horrible. I can say that in this course, the questions are well-planned and they aren’t easy. It re-enforces the teachings and actually contributes to the learning plan. Bravo!

This is an Advanced Poker Course 

So far the MTT Masterclass is heavy. It's jam-packed full of information including hand ranges and EV (expected value) charts for multiple positions and stack sizes. 

It comes at you fast. 

If you don't have any knowledge of poker at all then I would start somewhere else. Someone new to poker would be quite overwhelmed. 

For me, the average experienced player, this is pure gold. This is going to help tremendously with my preflop game (post flop as well but I'm not even there yet). 

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Pokercode Rangeviewer Tool

The site also includes access to their Rangeviewer Tool. This tool allows you to view expected value ranges in many different preflop situations. 

It is similar to other poker solvers but comes free as a part of the membership, and functions well on mobile as well. 

Awesome Mobile Functionality

The entire site, from the videos to the quizzes, functions extremely well on desktop as well as mobile. This is huge for me because I like to consume on the go at times and I've had no issues whatsoever. 

Discord Community & Support

I’m introverted myself, but this Pokercode community seems to understand that many of the players joining in will be similar. There is a great reception to introductions and the community is kept in great shape with proper rules, etiquette, and organization within the Discord app. 

There are countless updates, pieces of news, hand analysis and discussions, community discussions, progress blogs, and much more available through the app. 

If you are a lonely poker player, I highly recommend. I find myself logging in at least once or twice a day just to browse and read through hand analysis, etc.

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