Upswing Poker Review: An Honest Look into Doug Polk’s Training Lab

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After learning a ton with solvers and using other training sites, I wanted to try out the most popular poker training site in the market, Doug Polk's Upswing Poker Lab. 

This is a REAL Upswing Poker review, and I'm writing it as I go through the courses. It will likely take me weeks to finish the main chunk of the courses and publish this review. 

Doug Polk has been a poker crusher at the high-stakes level for years and he has brought on world-class coaches to teach poker in a variety of formats. The coaches they have are some of the best crushers in the game. 

As usual, I always provide a proof-of-purchase so you can have confidence I actually buy and go through each tool and training resource I review. 

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Okayyy, so getting started there is an 11-minute video from Doug Polk explaining the platform and how it works, I skipped most of it because I want to dig into the actual content. Sorry, Doug. 

I will be using this to work on my MTT game mostly, but I also play live cash so that will help as well. 

You are immediately shown a dashboard to go over what sections you can find content. 

We are immediately brought to an index navigation page where it shows us a variety of different titles and categories for learning. 

I understand a lot of these things from a topical standpoint – but I will watch them and see if I can get a deeper understanding of areas such as IC< and 3-bet pots, etc. 

Hopefully, I can find some nuggets of gold in here to help me get better at MTTs as it is starting to look like a very basic training course for someone that has been playing and learning poker since 2004. (Not that I’m amazing). 


Introduction to Upswing Poker Lab Training Site

Upswing Poker Lab is a comprehensive training platform created by two of the top online poker players in existence, Doug Polk and Ryan Fee. 

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It offers an expansive array of strategy videos, hand reviews, webinars, and other materials to help you improve your poker game. 

Whether you are just starting out or already have experience in the game, Upswing Poker Lab has something for everyone – from basic concepts such as preflop ranges to complex bluffing strategies that delve into GTO play. 

The video library comprises over 300 topics covering all aspects of No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha – taught by pros who know what it takes to be successful at this game. 

Each video comes with an accompanying article that summarizes key points concisely so that users can quickly refer back when trying out new ideas at the tables. 

Ultimately there is no denying how powerful this site is for anyone looking to master their poker skills – especially given its backing by two renowned figures in the industry. 

Overview of Doug Polk's Upswing Poker Lab

It consists of an extensive selection of instructional videos, tests, and other materials to assist players in enhancing their gameplay. 

The course encompasses all aspects of the game from pre-flop to post-flop, with topics such as bankroll management, table selection, and bluffing included. 

Also featured are Doug's personal tips on how to be more successful in tournaments

The lab has been designed for both novice and experienced players alike; beginners will benefit from getting detailed explanations regarding fundamentals like pot odds, betting styles, hand ranges etc., while advanced players can learn complex tactics. 

They get access to Doug’s personal advice aimed at ensuring you always have an edge when playing tournaments. 

The lessons are presented in a simple format that makes it easy for anyone to comprehend even if lacking experience with online poker or not familiarizing themselves with terms like implied odds or blockers yet. 

There are interactive quizzes that allow users to assess their knowledge after every video lesson so that they truly understand what was being taught before moving on to something new. 

Providing quality instruction material this program also offers plenty of support including forums where people may ask questions about specific hands or give feedback about different facets related to their learning process whilst using this site. 

The assistance personnel is friendly and knowledgeable thus any query should be answered swiftly and correctly each time.. 

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This allows those struggling with particular concepts not only to receive help but build relationships among other members so that together they can keep progressing further.

Benefits of Joining Upswing Poker Lab

The Upswing Poker Lab is a fantastic site for poker players of all skill levels. It's packed with useful lessons, quizzes, and even forums where you can interact with Doug Polk and other experienced members. 

You also get access to some great tools like hand history review software and preflop charts which make it easier to identify weak spots in your game quickly.

All this helps members become better at the game faster without spending too much time analyzing every single hand they play – allowing them to focus more on playing more hands and improving their skills over time.

Features of the Course Content

Created by Doug Polk, one of the world's most renowned poker players, Upswing Poker Lab is a comprehensive and well-crafted training site for aspiring card sharks. The course content covers an expansive range of topics that are necessary for success in poker. 

There are over 100 quiz questions targeting particular aspects such as betting lines, pot odds, bluffing, and more. 

Videos with excellent graphics explain concepts in depth while the ‘Hand Analyzer' tool allows users to review hands from past sessions against expert players like Phil Ivey or Daniel Negreanu. 

There is access to private forums connecting members with elite coaches who have achieved great success playing both live and online poker games all over the world like Jason Somerville, Ryan Fee, Parker Talbot, Matt Berkey. 

These forums offer students a chance to ask questions about any topic associated with strategy or tactics from experienced professionals who know what it takes to succeed at this complicated game regardless of skill level.

Pros and Cons of the Training Course

Upswing Poker Lab is quickly becoming the go-to resource for poker players looking to take their game up a notch. 

Established by Doug Polk, an experienced professional from Las Vegas, this training website provides great content that can help any individual enhance their skill set. 

The most obvious benefit of Upswing Poker Lab is its comprehensive nature; it includes materials on almost every element of poker strategy – whether it's cash games or tournaments, preflop play or post-flop play – enabling users to progress in all areas of the game. 

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These lessons are divided into smaller sections which makes them easier to follow and comprehend. 

The second advantage is Doug himself; he has been playing professionally since 2009 and his expertise shines through when teaching aspiring players how to become better at poker tactics. 

His teachings are easy-to-follow yet effective and he does an excellent job simplifying complex concepts in ways that even beginners can understand without prior knowledge or experience in poker theory.  

The third plus point is access not only to videos but also quizzes that test your understanding of various topics covered within the course (Cash Games/Tournaments). 

This allows learners to practice what they learn through hands-on experiences rather than merely watching videos which may not always be enough if one wishes to master certain strategies taught by Doug Polk in his courses.  

Certain topics discussed may appear redundant if someone already knows them from elsewhere such as books, forums, etc.   

Another disadvantage could come up if someone finds themselves stuck on particular aspects taught by Doug over time ; while support via email exists, having live assistance could prove beneficial especially when trying out new strategies outlined during lectures. 

Those who prefer more interactive forms of learning such as live coaching sessions might feel limited with what's available here given how most materials are delivered through video tutorials instead. 

Comparison to Other Popular Training Sites

Upswing Poker Lab is one of the most popular training sites in the poker world, giving players a unique opportunity to learn from professional players such as Doug Polk and Ryan Fee. 

There's also a vibrant community on the platform where members can share knowledge with each other and create an enjoyable atmosphere while they become better poker players together. 

Upswing Poker Lab Cost & Pricing

The cost of the lab is a monthly cost that grants you unlimited access to their library, minus their exclusive courses. The membership costs $99 USD/month and includes a ton of content. 

In terms of value compared to other poker training sites out there – this offers excellent long-term worth; especially when viewing monthly subscription plans or individual course purchases from elsewhere. 

Final Thoughts on Doug Polk's Upswing Poker Lab Review

In conclusion, Doug Polk's Upswing Poker Lab is an excellent tool for those who wish to sharpen their poker abilities. The lab features a vast selection of videos, quizzes, and articles centered on the foundations of poker tactics. Moreover, membership also offers access to the UpSwing Poker Community which provides valuable feedback from other members. If you're searching for an efficient way to enhance your poker-playing skills then the Upswing Poker Lab is a great option.

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