The Best Poker Training Sites in 2023

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Whether you're a seasoned poker pro or a newcomer to the game, you can always benefit from sharpening your skills and improving your strategies. One of the most effective ways to do this is by learning from the best in the business through the best poker training sites.

This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the top poker training sites available, featuring both popular, well-established platforms like Upswing Poker and Run It Once, and newer options like Pokercode. We'll dive into each site's offerings, advantages, and pricing to help you make an informed decision about where to invest your time and money.

Upswing Poker

Upswing Poker, co-founded by high-stakes poker professionals Doug Polk and Ryan Fee, is a poker training site that offers comprehensive courses and resources to help you elevate your game. Their content covers a wide range of topics, including cash games, tournaments, and specific poker variants like Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO).

Content and Features

Upswing Poker's flagship offering is the Upswing Lab, a membership program that grants you access to a plethora of courses and resources. You can read the full review on our Upswing Poker Review page. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Preflop charts and ranges
  • Postflop strategies
  • Hand analysis and quizzes
  • Poker fundamentals and theory

Additionally, Upswing Poker offers advanced courses and masterclasses, such as the Elite Cash Game Mastery course and the Advanced PLO Mastery course. Each course is designed by a top poker pro, ensuring that you receive expert guidance and insights.


Upswing Poker offers a range of pricing options to cater to different budgets and preferences. The Upswing Lab membership is available for $99 per month, $249 per quarter, or $999 per year. The advanced courses and masterclasses have a one-time fee that ranges from $299 to $999, depending on the course.

Run It Once

Run It Once, founded by poker superstar Phil Galfond, is another top-tier poker training site. With a vast library of video content, Run It Once caters to poker players of all levels and styles, from beginners to advanced players and from cash game enthusiasts to tournament grinders.

Content and Features

Run It Once's extensive video library features content from over 100 professional poker players, including Galfond himself. The site's video content is divided into two categories:

  • Essential: Suitable for beginner and intermediate players, this category covers fundamental poker concepts and strategies.
  • Elite: Aimed at advanced players, this category delves into more complex strategies, theories, and game analysis.
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Aside from its video library, Run It Once also offers specialized training courses like the PLO Matrix and the NLHE Cash Matrix, which provide detailed insights into specific game formats.


Run It Once offers two subscription plans: Essential and Elite. The Essential plan is priced at $24.99 per month or $249.99 per year, while the Elite plan costs $99.99 per month or $999.99 per year. The PLO Matrix and NLHE Cash Matrix courses are available for a one-time fee of $299 and $399, respectively.

BBZ Poker

BBZ Poker is a top-rated poker training site, founded by high-stakes poker coach Jordan “bigbluffzinc” Drummond. With a focus on personalized coaching, BBZ Poker provides a unique learning experience tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Content and Features

BBZ Poker offers a variety of training options, including:

sessions with a BBZ coach, tailored to your specific needs and skill level.

  • Group coaching: Interactive group sessions where you can learn alongside other players, discuss hands, and ask questions.
  • Video content: An extensive library of pre-recorded videos covering a wide range of poker topics, from fundamental concepts to advanced strategies.
  • BBZ Bundles: Comprehensive courses on specific game formats, such as the Tournament Masterclass and Cash Game Masterclass.


BBZ Poker's private coaching sessions are priced on an hourly basis, with rates varying depending on the coach's expertise and experience. They have daily seminars available for $59 per month. The BBZ Bundles are available for a one-time fee and are almost all $99 from what I can tell. You can pick your favorite coach or the concept you need to work on the most and go with that bundle full of video content and more.

A LOT of good players use this training site. Definitely take a look.

Raise Your Edge

Raise Your Edge, founded by professional poker player “Bencb789,” is a highly-regarded poker training site that focuses on helping players develop a strong foundation and advanced strategies. With a wide range of courses and resources, Raise Your Edge caters to both beginners and seasoned pros.

Content and Features

Some of the key offerings from Raise Your Edge include:

  • Tournament Masterclass: An in-depth course covering tournament strategies, hand analysis, and mental game concepts.
  • Cash Game Course: A comprehensive course focusing on cash game strategies, ranging from preflop play to advanced post-flop tactics.
  • Bounty Beast Course: A specialized course dedicated to mastering bounty tournament strategies.
  • Apprentice and Expert memberships: Access to a library of video content, quizzes, and downloadable resources.
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Raise Your Edge offers various pricing options for the different courses available. The tournament masterclass is probably the bread and butter of the site, and the course is a hefty price of $697 to $1297. The bounty beast course is $797. There are a variety of cash game strategy courses and more available here. Definitely pricey for beginners, but one of the best and highest-quality courses around to gain solid fundamentals and a good advanced mindset for poker.

Also, Bencb is a known crusher in the MTT and tournament world for a long time and he is also very good at explaining concepts in an easy-to-understand way.



Pokercode, a relatively new poker training site, was founded by poker phenoms Fedor Holz and Matthias Eibinger. With a focus on community-driven learning and cutting-edge strategies, Pokercode aims to revolutionize poker training and help players reach their full potential. You can read our full Pokercode Review here.

Content and Features

Pokercode's main offering is its comprehensive poker training course, which covers:

  • Preflop strategy
  • Postflop strategy
  • Hand Analysis
  • Tournament play

The Pokercode course also includes access to an active community forum, where members can engage with other players, discuss hands, and ask questions. They use Discord for this community.

In addition to the main course, Pokercode offers:

  • Live coaching sessions
  • Video content library
  • Advanced courses on specific game formats and strategies


Pokercode's pricing model is simple and straightforward. All the content is provided for anyone who buys the monthly or annual membership for $105 USD / month or $750 USD / year which includes access to the course content, community forum, and video library.

Jonathan Little's Poker Coaching

Jonathan Little, a successful professional poker player, and two-time World Poker Tour champion, founded Poker Coaching to help players of all levels improve their game. With a focus on interactive learning and practical strategies, Poker Coaching aims to provide an engaging and results-oriented training experience.

Content and Features

Poker Coaching offers various types of content, including:

  • Interactive quizzes: Test your poker knowledge and decision-making skills with quizzes that provide immediate feedback and explanations.
  • Webinars: Regular live webinars with Jonathan Little and other guest coaches, covering various poker topics and strategies.
  • Video content: A library of video lessons, hand analysis, and strategy sessions.
  • Poker Coaching Premium: Access to advanced courses, private streams, and exclusive content.


Poker Coaching offers a basic membership for free, which includes access to a limited selection of quizzes, videos, and webinars. The Poker Coaching paid membership is available for $49 per month but to be honest you don't get access to all the classes with that pricing. You have to opt for the premium membership at $147 / month in order to get the 700+ video classes.

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Masterclass: Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker

Masterclass, a popular online learning platform, offers a poker course taught by Daniel Negreanu, one of the most successful and recognizable poker players in the world. The course provides insights into Negreanu's poker strategies and thought processes, making it an excellent choice for players looking to learn from a top-level professional.

Content and Features

Daniel Negreanu's Masterclass covers a range of topics, including:

  • Poker fundamentals and theory
  • Hand analysis and decision-making
  • Advanced strategies and techniques
  • Tournament play and bankroll management


The Masterclass platform operates on an all-access subscription model, priced at $180 per year. This grants you access to not only Daniel Negreanu's poker course but also all other courses on the platform, covering a wide range of subjects and disciplines.

Crush Live Poker

Crush Live Poker, founded by professional poker player Bart Hanson, focuses specifically on live cash games, catering to players who prefer to play in-person rather than online. With a wealth of experience in live poker, Crush Live Poker offers unique insights and strategies for navigating live poker environments.

Content and Features

Crush Live Poker provides a variety of learning resources, including:

  • Live cash game video reviews: Detailed analysis of actual live cash game sessions.
  • Podcasts: Weekly podcasts discussing live poker strategy and hand analysis.
  • Articles: Written content covering various live poker topics and concepts.
  • Interactive forums: Engage with other members and discuss poker strategy and hands.


Crush Live Poker offers a monthly subscription plan called the starter priced at $22,99 that doesn't really get you much, to be honest. The next step up is the premium which is the main one that includes everything for $49.99 per month. Pretty reasonable. There is a $499 per month option but you just get access to an exclusive podcast, so not sure about that one.


The best poker training site for you ultimately depends on your individual needs, goals, and budget. Upswing Poker and Run It Once offer comprehensive training programs and extensive video libraries, while BBZ Poker focuses on personalized coaching experiences. Raise Your Edge provides a strong foundation in both tournament and cash game strategies, and Pokercode offers a community-driven approach to learning.

No matter which poker training site you choose, remember that continuous learning and practice are key to long-term success in the game of poker. Invest in your poker education, apply what you've learned at the tables, and watch your skills and results soar.

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