Since I started this blog in May 2022, I have dedicated myself to getting better at poker. I’m writing this ‘About Us’ section post in June 2022, and I’ve already spent approximately $1000 USD on poker tools and poker training to learn better. This includes membership sites and poker solvers, along with tracking software and more. I do this so you don’t have to. 

I’ve been playing poker online since 2004, and I’ve had some awesome and interesting wins and losses along the way. But I’m a breakeven MTT player for my last 5k tournaments. 

I started this blog as a way to use the Feynman technique. Richard Feynman was a Nobel-prize-winning physicist who came up with a technique to learn anything with deep understanding. His idea is to study what you learn, and then try and explain it to a 12-year-old, if you can’t explain it simply enough to a 12-year-old then you don’t have a deep enough understanding of the concept and you should go back and study, refine your learning for that topic. 

So that is generally the idea of this poker blog. It’s slightly self-serving so I can become a professional MTT player in the long run. But I also enjoy building up websites so it’s a win-win for me. 

Learning poker in 2022 has evolved into using poker solvers and software rather than reading books and doing the math yourself. 

It’s difficult. 

Poker solvers are intimidating. 

But as I start to digest the mass amounts of information and the different types of software out there, I’m starting to realize it’s a lot more simple than it seems at first. There are just so many graphs and tables and charts to look at, you can get bogged down by the complexity. 

My goal here is to learn it so deeply that I can explain it to you with a deeper understanding. Andddd hopefully makes some big scores along the way. I will also try and make a couple of bucks by referring to the best products and software after purchasing and testing them. 

I provide proof of purchase in every review post I make about a certain product to give you confidence that I am actually buying and testing the product. 

I am writing under the pseudonym of 1percentdaily, even though I don’t use that as my poker user name. 

Although I may start a separate poker account just to do a bankroll challenge with this username somewhere. I will keep you posted if that happens. 

Check out my training reviews and my software/tool reviews for legit information that can save you some money on your purchases.