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In this DTO Poker Trainer review, we will look at whether the app is worth it to bring your poker game to the next level.

DTO is a GTO poker trainer that works as an app on Apple and Android. This is one of the best things about this trainer, because you can jump in when you're bored or on the go. 

The DTO Poker App provides pre-solved solutions to a variety of different common tournament and cash spots in poker and you train these over and over until you make less mistakes from a GTO perspective. 

It definitely took me a bit to understand how it works, but once I did understand, the DTO app really started helping me understand mistakes in my play. 

There is a free version that you can play around with quite a bit, but for the sake of this DTO review, I purchased the High Roller Subscription. 

DTO Poker trainer review

How Does the DTO Poker App Work?

Essentially you play out a scenario hand and the DTO app will tell you whether or not your line was positive or negative EV. For the flop, turn, and river. 

You are graded on a point scale (pulled from poker solvers) for whether or not you made an inaccurate assessment, a massive blunder or mistake, or you had a good hand. 

You have to play all streets throughout the entire hand well in order to get a good grade. Otherwise you can go back and replay to correct your error and move on. 

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The High Roller option allows you to practice thousands of different spots and select between two different modes of poker training: 

  1. Choose your spot 
  2. Instant play 

The free version only allows for limited spots to select for practice and instant play

Choose your spot lets you pick between a variety of scenarios you can train your okay. 

You can select the preflop scenario to practice a 3bet pot, limped pot, or a single raised pot. 

You select a stack size and then a position you want to practice from. 

These are all pots that end up in a heads up scenario with you against one other player after the flop. 

Or you can look at the available options below and select from one of those templates. 

Instant Play picks a random spot from all of those filters and you just move onto the next scenario at random. The DTO Poker App will mix it up pretty well. 

The app keeps track of your play and will let you know the percent of GTO play you are able to produce. As you can see, I still need some work, but I can already see it paying off at the table. 

It makes you realize that every decision you make can be a neutral EV or a negative EV. And you are doing your best to minimize the mistakes or huge blunders you make with massive negative EV lines. 

If you make a big mistake, the DTO app will stop you and let you know. Allowing you to fix or retry your mistake. 

If you do well, you will see an Excellent or Good score. 

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Evaluating Your Decisions 

The evaluation button after you okay a hand or when the DTO app stops you is the key to understanding and training. 

You get to see the frequency a solver or computer would make certain profitable decisions and emulate that. 

This is where the apps bread and butter lies, you really get to see frequencies and different interesting lines that aren't negative EV. 

As you train more and more they start to become second nature at the table. Combining GTO play with exploitative play has a deadly potential for profitable poker. 

Pricing: How Much Is DTO Poker?

I like that there are different tiers for different levels of play. You can start with the free version and work your way up if you like it. That is what I did, I went from the free to the grinder, to the high roller. 

There are 4 tiers though: 

  1. Free Version – Very limited scenarios
  2. Grinder – Missing pre-flop ranges, more scenarios, and missing EV loss evaluation
  3. High Roller – Has pre-flop ranges, more scenarios, and EV loss evaluation

DTO Poker Trainer Review Conclusion

The reason I ended up going with the High Roller subscription is because of the EV loss numbers. 

Based on this DTO Poker Trainer review you can get a sense that I really like the app, After about 500 hands I have really noticed a positive change in my poker game. You will often see DTO getting compared to other GTO solvers but it is not the same as something like Odin Poker Solver.

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