GTO Wizard Review: My Favorite Poker Solver 2023

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Written by: Matt E.

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In this GTO Wizard review, I discuss why this tool is my favorite poker solver and poker trainer for studying sims in 2023.

I've tried several other solvers, but for the price and for the quality of the user interface, I prefer this tool over many of the other options available.

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Why is it good?

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Great support and courses to learn GTO principles
  • Upload hand histories
  • ICM
  • Multi-way pots
  • Tons of different stack and bet-sizings
  • Fast loading
  • The phone app works extremely well

The people at GTOWizard wanted to give you all 10% off the first month or on your first-year annual subscription. So click the image below and it will automatically apply the code!

I always start by showing proof of purchase, so check it out below. I started with the Premium option for MTTs specifically because that is what I'm focusing on playing.

GTO Wizard Review proof of purchase

First, let's talk about what gto wizard does for you and how the software/tool can help your poker game.

What is GTO Wizard?

GTO wizard is a poker solver tool available online or through the mobile app that allows you to browse GTO (Game Theory Optimal) solutions, study hand histories with GTO solutions, and practice playing against a GTO robot which gives you analysis and training along the way.

GTOWizard runs millions of simulations for different scenarios in a poker hand based on your input and provides you with the most profitable solutions if head-to-head against another player also playing Game Theory Optimal.

Learning certain areas of GTO poker play can help you learn what the best approach is to take and then you can deviate from that decision based on what you know about your opponents. But in order to deviate, you first need to understand what is the best play in order to deviate and then exploit your opponent.s

One of my favorite things about GTO wizard as a poker training app is that you can upload your cash game or tournament hand histories (up to 100,000 hands) and it will analyze each hand for -EV and you can look at each hand in a solution.

This makes using a poker solver much easier. The user interface is friendly and super fast to use compared to some other solvers I have used.

How do I use GTOwizard?

I am going to show you how to use GTO Wizard based on the MTT Premium package, but you can apply the knowledge to pretty much any option you choose.

At first, you will be presented with a dashboard with a variety of options.

There are three main categories which most of the tools inside fall under.

  • Study
  • Practice
  • Analyze

Study Solutions

When you click the Study option, this is the meat and potatoes of the actual solver portion of the tool. This will take you to the solver dashboard where you can input your manual data and the solver will give you data based on millions of simulations.

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This is probably the most confusing for beginners because it can be a bit daunting at first. You might not be sure what to look at and how to use a poker solver effectively.

Let's look at an example of using the solver for a dummy hand for those wondering, how do I use gtowizard?

study solutions area for gto wizard review
Study solution area for GTO wizard review

Let's break this window down and show you how to use it.

First thing you want to do is set the parameters of the example hand.

In this scenario, let's say we have KQ offsuit on the Button with 80 big blinds in a tournament and it's folded around to us.

You can make these adjustments from the ‘MTT‘ tab.

After you select your starting parameters you will need to select the preflop actions that have taken place in the hand.

Keep in mind this will only solve for hands where there are two players playing against each other post-flop. You can have as many as you want for a preflop solve but if you want to see more solutions post-flop it can only be two players' heads up.

If everyone is folding on the button, you don't need to click fold on each of the options, you can just click on the BTN (button) position and select fold, this will automatically fill in the previous options as folds. This makes it much faster.

Select the appropriate actions of the following Small Blind and Big Blind.

In this scenario, the Big Blind calls our raise of 2.3x and we see a flop.

Once you select call for the Big Blind option, you will be prompted to input the flop cards.

After we confirm the flop, the solver will make suggestions for the next to act, which is the big blind. These will generally be ‘checks'. In our scenario, the big blind checks to us and we have a decision to make.

The solver will then adjust the options for every single possible hand combination you could have. You need to look at your hand and figure out if you made the right decision based on GTO play. Did you make the right sizing? Is there something you could have done differently? I also start looking at different types of hands that I could have just to see if there was something I could have done if I had a different hand.

You can see we don't get any results for hands with the King of spades because that is already on the flop and we can't have that in our hand.

You will notice that our hand has a variety of different percentages next to the bet sizing. This is how often the solver recommends taking that action as a part of the most +EV strategy to follow after simulating vs every hand combination you're against.

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With the K♥Q♠ you can see the solver recommends a strategy of betting 2 big blinds at a frequency of 94% of the time. You can bank on this being a positive equity play over the long run.

We go ahead and select our action from the timeline in the top part of the dashboard. Select ‘Bet 2'. In our scenario, the big blind then raises our bet to 7.55 big blinds.

So what do we do now?

You will see the best option for the K♥Q♠ is to call this raise 84% of the time and raise it to 14.55 at a clip of 13.6% of the time.

So I had called in this exact scenario so I know I was correct according to GTO and I can confirm I played it correctly.

I'm not going to go any further for this example but this is how you use the solver. You go through a hand you played, or someone else played, and you determine the best action based on the simulations. You can confirm your decisions, or you can figure out a better route. If you fold here, you can be confident that is a negative EV play and in the future correct that behavior.

There are more things to consider but you can use GTOwizard like this and you will start to notice some patterns.

I could dive deeper into the complexities of blockers and even more options that are available to look at and study, but this is a good starting point for a beginner.


You can also practice with the GTOwizard poker trainer and play against a GTO bot to practice a variety of different scenarios from preflop to post-flop.

My favorite option is to use the 6-handed bot which measures your play from preflop all the way to post-flop for every hand. Each decision you make is judged and a percentage out of 100 is given for each decision you make.

So in this example, we will select from Preflop to river – all stack depths and choose to start from after the flop at all stack depths. But if you wanted, you could practice a specific scenario you might be having trouble with.

Once you select this option, the gtowizard trainer will populate a random scenario and a new dashboard that looks like this:

You just start playing as you would normally play. That way you get the best possible feedback on your decision-making based on natural things you would do at the table. You will slowly get more and more feedback based on your decisions and you can replay certain spots if you make mistakes, and etc.


This is such a sick feature.

You can upload your hand history from Pokerstars or whatever poker client you are using (most are supported) and analyze your total hands vs the amount of good or bad decisions you made. You can sort and filter them based on -EV and then go through each hand solution in the study section of the tool.

I absolutely love this feature. I don't know how good or bad this result is from my last 15k hands but 88% of correct plays seem okay even though I'm running like hot garbage.

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You can upload up to 100,000 hands and analyze each hand.

That's not all that is included in this tool, there are coaching and aggregate reports, and more. But I feel that what I touched upon is enough to justify the price already.

Let's talk about the pricing and the options of the product since there are so many different options and prices available.

GTOWizard Price: How much is gto wizard?

There are five different options available in the gtowizard price:

  • Cash game (6-max + 9-max + Heads Up)
  • MTT (Multi-table tournaments)
  • Spin & Go
  • HU Sit and Go
  • Straddle+Ante (6-max + 8-max)

Each of these options comes with a free version! The amount of use you get is limited but I really feel like the team at gtowizard is awesome for this.

So if you're looking for a free GTO trainer than this tool is your best bet, to be honest. You get to play against their GTO trainer bot for limited use in the free version as well. Pretty cool stuff.

Cash Game Price


  • All preflop solutions for free (This seems to be common, same for Odin as well)
  • 1 postflop solution / day
  • 10 in each practice mode / day
  • GTO Lessons

Starter$39 USD / month

  • Postflop solutions (100 big blinds stack only)
  • Unlimited practice mode (play against GTO bot)
  • 50 hands / month to analyze
  • Basic aggregated reports (we'll talk about this further down)

Premium$69.99 / month

  • Everything you get in the Starter Plan
  • Postflop solutions for all stack sizes
  • Blockers score
  • 100,000 hands / month to analyze
  • HH analyzer reports
  • Turn Aggregated Reports
  • Weekly Coachings

MTT Price

gto wizard pricing for MTT option

This is the option that I am currently paying for and testing out and I have to say that I absolutely love it so far. I'm subbed to the Premium option which allows me to upload hand histories from Pokerstars and it automatically reviews each hand for EV loss and you can take each one to a solution immediately. Very cool feature.


  • All preflop solutions
  • 1 postflop solution / day
  • 10 hands in practice mode / day
  • GTO Lessons

Starter – $39 USD / Month

  • Postflop solutions (5 different stack sizes)
  • Unlimited spots in practice mode
  • 50 hands / month to analyze
  • Basic aggregated reports

Premium – $69 USD / Month

  • Everything in the Starter plan
  • ICM Solutions (All 83 situations)
  • Postflop solutions (13 different stack sizes)
  • Blockers score
  • 100,000 hands / month to analyze
  • HH analyzer reports
  • Turn aggregator reports
  • Weekly coachings

I was excited to purchase this tool and do this gto wizard review because I wanted to dig into what this software can do for me. Overall, and compared to other tools that are similar, this one is my top pick. While some might say that Piosolver provides better more accurate solutions, I tend to live by the Pareto principle and like to keep things simple. You get 80% of your results from 20% of your actions.

Go check out this awesome tool today and feel free to comment below on our gto wizard review.


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