Best Poker Chip Sets for Home Games: A Guide to the Top Poker Chips

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Are you looking for a solid poker chips set to buy for a home game? There are a lot of options, and it can be tricky to make an educated choice. This blog post will inspect the various types of poker chip sets existing on the market consisting of clay poker chips, ceramic poker chips, imitation clay poker chips, clay composite chips, customized ceramic poker chips, plastic chips, acrylic poker chips, and more. 

What to Look for in a Poker Chip Set

You can go down a rabbit hole when it comes to poker chips sets. There are full forums dedicated to poker chips and they get pretentious about their options. I understand not everyone wants to pay $1,000 for the most premium chips set for their home game, but I will look over the best ones here as well so we can identify what makes them good, and then see if there are some good options available at a lower price point. Or you can spring for the top-end of your range. Either way, let’s get into it. 

The highest-quality chips that the poker chip community recommends are real clay chips and high-quality ceramic chips. Many of them prefer the custom ceramic chips, but honestly, it’s not necessary unless you’re going to be running a home cash game for profit. 

Some of the best and most expensive chips are listed in this section:

  • CPC custom sets
  • China Clay Pharoahs
  • “Tina Ones” Ceramics
  • Paulsons
  • Brpro poker
  • China clay dunes from Apache
  • Majestics

Best Material for Poker Chips In Order:

  1. Clay
  2. Ceramic
  3. China Clay
  4. Clay composite
  5. Plastic 

So from what I understand, real clay chips and high-quality ceramic chips are the closest you are going to get to casino-quality poker chips sets. 

The one brand that I keep hearing is Paulson poker chips, but I understand they stopped making poker chips in 2014 and the price for them skyrocketed. There is one company that still carries them, called Apache. But they are pricey. 

Classic Poker Chips (CPC) are another of the most recommended chip that I could find from the forums, and they offer real clay and ceramic chips. So that seems to be the consistent factor. 

Real Clay Poker Chips Set

Real Clay poker chips are at the top end of quality and are what many casinos use along with high-end ceramic material poker chips as well. 

I do see some people recommending “china clay” chip sets like this one from Apache called Phaoroahs. But from what I understand, they are more brittle than real clay and don’t last as long. Though they are about half the price at least compared to real clay chip sets. 

Versa Games 500pc 13.5g Pro Poker Clay Poker Set – Heavy 13.5g Casino Grade Poker Chips with Denominations

Ceramic Poker Chips Set

Again, Ceramic Classic Poker Chips come highly recommended within the community as high-quality chips. There are a variety of lower-quality ceramic poker chip sets on Amazon and other online shops that you can acquire for a decent price. So this might be one of the better options available for home games or someone just starting out. 

TINA Ceramic Poker Chips

I have also stumbled upon one of the most recommended knockoff brand chips, called TINA poker chips made by Chinese manufacturers on Alibaba. The community mentions these are pretty high-quality chips and are often remakes of a knock-off of ARIA chips or famous casino chips that you see regularly.

I found this quite interesting. 

You can completely customize these ceramic chips and you can get them at a decent price for a 500-piece set. I thought this was pretty cool actually. 

Alibaba link to the TINA ceramic poker chips. 

Fat Cat 11.5 Gram Texas Hold 'em Claytec Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case, 500 Striped Dice Chips

Imitation Clay Poker Chips: Benefits and Drawbacks

Imitation clay poker chips or “clay composite poker chips” are becoming an increasingly preferred choice among Poker aficionados who want to enjoy a more realistic experience while playing. These chips contain a ceramic core with the tough plastic outer layer, which is shaped to resemble clay chips; making them sturdier than traditional clay and composite varieties – perfect for home games or tournaments where the players may not be as cautious when handling them. 

The main benefit of these imitation poker chips is that they provide an authentic feel akin to playing in casinos. Moreover, their weight gives the same hefty sensation you would get from real casino-grade sets. 

  • Super Diamond Poker Set by Brybelly
  • Diamond Suited Poker Set by Brybelly
  • Diamond Suited Poker Set w/case by Brybelly

Clay Composite Chips Advantages & Disadvantages

Clay composite chips have emerged as a well-liked selection among poker players and gaming enthusiasts, providing a range of pros and cons. These chips are often referred to as “clay composite” or “imitation clay” because they imitate the feel of traditional clay poker chips but with various materials.

Clay composites provide an economical alternative to pricier ceramic or clay poker chip sets, delivering top-notch resilience compared to plastic chip sets along with superior weight distribution and sound when handled. Moreover, these chips come in all sorts of styles, colors, designs, and denominations so that you can customize them according to your liking. 

Despite their advantages however, there are some drawbacks associated with such chips which should be thoroughly thought through prior to purchase – for instance, they're not quite as durable as ceramic or clay poker sets; if dealt roughly by gamers then they may wear out over time. 

Many people find the noise created when stacking up or shuffling these types of chip sets disagreeable compared to other alternatives available on the market today. 

Lastly due to their production process, some argue that these kinds of chipsets lack uniformity in coloration; thereby making certain denominations slightly lighter than others within the same set which could upset those who prefer consistent coloring across all denominations inside one group. I personally like a little flavor in my chips, so that doesn’t bother me at all. 

Customized Ceramic Poker Chips: Pros & Cons

Ceramic poker chips are growing in popularity due to the fact that they provide an exclusive and personalized experience for gamers. In contrast to plastic or clay composite chips, ceramic ones have greater longevity, making them fitting for both professional tournaments and home games. 

Nevertheless, these types of chips do come with several drawbacks – primarily their higher cost compared to other kinds of chipsets and the time-consuming customization process if you want a special look or design on your set. 

The heftier weight of customized ceramic poker chips is something else that makes them stand out from the different alternatives available. They weigh more than most imitation clay or plastic models, which is what I prefer out of my poker chips set to be honest. 

There is an increased chance of chipping when dealing with this kind of set owing to its heavier weight; therefore extra care must always be taken while handling them during gaming sessions or while moving between venues. 

Customized ceramic poker chip sets frequently show complex designs in full color which can add extra charm to any game night or tournament event— however, this comes at a price. 

  • MRC 500pcs Laurel Crown Ceramic Poker Chips Set with Aluminum Case
  • 500pcs Laurel Crown Ceramic Poker Chips Set Wood CASE Custom Build by MRC
  • Brybelly 500 Count Nevada Jack Poker Set – 10 Gram Premium Casino Grade Ceramic Chips with Aluminum Case

Cheap Plastic Vs Clay Composite & Ceramic Customized Chips

If you're looking for a budget-friendly option when it comes to poker chip sets, then plastic chips are the way to go. Typically used in home games, bars, and casinos, these chips can be found for as little as 10 cents each and come in a variety of colors and designs. The main advantage of plastic chips is that they are lightweight and easy to transport; however, their downside is that they aren't as tough compared with other materials like clay composite or ceramic customized options. 

Clay composite poker chip sets provide more durability than plastics while still being reasonably priced; these generally range from $25-$50 per set depending on size and design elements chosen by the buyer. Although not quite match up with real clay casino-grade chips, clay composites offer an authentic home game experience without breaking your wallet. 

For those who seek top quality but don't mind paying extra for it, ceramic customized poker chip sets may fit the bill perfectly – prices usually range between $250-$500 per set depending on desired size and design elements selected by the purchaser. Ceramic material has become increasingly popular among avid players due its vibrant colors making them look great plus offering an enhanced gaming experience reminiscent of what one would find at a real casino table!

  • 300 Poker Chips in 10 Colors
  • 100 Poker Chips by RINCO (Red and Blue)
  • 600 Poker Chips by U.S. Toy Co. (Red, White, Blue)


In conclusion, no matter your financial situation or preferences, there is an ideal poker chip set for you. From imitation clay to customized ceramics and or real clay – the choices are plentiful. If money is a bit tight, don't worry; da Vinci poker chip sets as well as cheap plastic ones are also available. Whatever type of chips you decide to purchase, make sure they meet your demands and expectations.

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